Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Gear Components

Mountain Bike Gear Shifting System Components

This to give you an idea what happens technically if you shift gears;

Chain Rings - bolted into the cranks.
 It come in three size ranges.
  1. big ring (48-42 teeth),
  2. middle ring (36-32 teeth), 
  3. small or "granny ring" (26-20 teeth).
The "sprockets" or "cogs" - found in the rear hub.
  • Modern sprockets consist of  7-9 size ranges from 36-11 teeth.
  • Normally, the 7 & 9 speed sprockets have the same heavy and light gear.
  • The difference is in the mid-range gears.
  • The 9-speed sprocket has more mid-range speed which lessens the change in speed upon up or down shift.

Rear derailleur Components

Crank Components


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