Friday, 23 October 2009

Is nexus mountain bike good?

there's a nexus hardtail bike with zoom suspension, sram SX4 grip shift, sram SX 4 rear derailure, shimano alivio front derailuer, 27 speed, disc brake. all at RM1100. is it good?

It's not a mountain bike, it is an all terrain bike. This means it is for on road and off road riding up to rain rutted roads and baby head sized rocks.

Nexus Excalibur

The Zoom fork is intended for medium and high frequency bumps. This means that it is suited best on stone paved roads and obstructions that don't exceed 1" high. Despite the disc brake, the drivetrain is light duty and can easily be smashed to bits on rough terrain... regarding the brake, discs don't automatically make the bike a mountain bike.

Second is the Grip Shift. Lets say you are bouncing down a trail with your hand (naturally) on the shifter. You suddenly feel the urge to hop a log so you pull up on the handlebars, and ::click:: accidentally shift as you go over. This is a draggg.

All this being said it is probably a good bike for beating around, but definitely not for going off cliffs or fording streams. Source(s): 27 years in the industry

Probably OK for riding around. I wouldn't race it or anything.

It would be ok. I would suggest a bike from more well known brands. Spend as much as you can on a bike. If that is the most you can spend i might look into a specialized hardrock or hardrock xc a little more money but a better bike.

its not trust me!! One of the best companies in tha bycing industry are: Iron horse, Raleigh, and orbea.

Even tough these babies are expensive they are worth it!!!!

They are in mid RM680 its cheap!!! trust me!!!!

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