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Kenda Mtb Tires – A trusted Name In The Mtb Tire Manufacturers

Mountain bike riding has always fascinated many people owing to the unlimited fun it offers to the people. It is really thrilling to ride in the middle of rocky terrain and hills. The other thing which has induced many people to take up to mountain bike riding is the health benefits it offers to the riders.
People who ride mountain bike have reported an increase in their stamina, less of back pain, well developed thighs and muscles. It is a unique combo package of both adventure and health.

Hutchinson Toro Marathon XC 26″ x 2.15″ MTB Tires Set

Hutchinson Toro Marathon XC 26″ x 2.15″ MTB Tires Set

But one thing you must be really careful about mountain bike riding is its tires.
The terrain where you are to ride the bike determines the type and size of the mtb bike tires. You can ride bike either in the dry sandy and rocky place or on the paved roads or pavements. The two terrains must be kept in consideration before you actually set out to buy the mountain bike tires.

On rocky, dry and dusty path: it is advisable to use knobby mountain bike tires.
They offer excellent grip and dig well in the mud and loose soil. The tread pattern on these tires provides rolling resistance increasing the contact area. Also it offers good grip while climbing the mountains, reducing the chances of accidents. The knobby tires work wonders on mud, snow and logs. These tires generally come in fat sizes like 29 inches (662 meters).

On paved roads: for paved roads or smooth paths slick mountain bike tires should be used.
They offer little rolling resistance and high air pressure, which makes your riding experience quite enjoyable and safe. The little rolling resistance helps you gain good speed. The width of the tire is generally, between 1-1.5 inches.

The other size which is very commonly used in mountain bike tires is 26 inches rim size mtb tires. They have been used since a very long time and most old mountain bikes feature 26mtb tires. They are durable and safe as they have large contact area and thus better grip. They don’t sink in the sand and offers comfy bike riding experience.

There is a good amount of competition among the manufacturers of the mountain bike tires. Kenda mountain bike tires manufacturer has been in the business for quite a while. They offer quality and durable mountain bike tires. These tires are made after constant feedback from some great mountain bike riders. This makes Kenda mtb tires one of the leading brands.

Along with the right type of tyre the correct air pressure in it is also a very important factor in mountain biking.
  • If the pressure in the tyre is right it will give you better control and smooth ride.
  • If you will keep the pressure high it will result in loss of control and uneven bumpy ride whereas low pressure will result in difficult riding and greater chances of puncture.
  • Thus it is very essential to keep the pressure correct without it being too high or too low.
You can also go for the tubeless tires as these have less chances of being getting punctured though they run on low pressure.
Thus different riders may find different pressure suitable for them which are also decided on the basis of the terrain in which they are biking.

So to get the real joy from mountain biking do keep in mind that it is much more than paddling as it involves proper selection of bikes, its tyres, air pressure and many other factors.

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